Corporate Social Responsibility

Message from our CEO

Richard Thomas

Our natural resources are limited and  we all have a role to play to ensure we take care of the world we live in. As an organisation we come together to join forces to do all we can as responsible stewards of this amazing planet. We also have a commitment to help those less fortunate and as a business ensure our workforce is diverse and feel included and part of the shaping of our strategic future. Ipsum Utilities this responsibility seriously.

2019 saw the establishment of an internal ESG Committee comprised of key regional leadership across each partner company, to support the achievement of the Carbon Footprint reduction targets. This is a metric which requires constant focus and as we continue to grow, we need to be mindful that our footprint does not grow commensurately.

The ESG Committee meets twice a year for an annual review and planning meeting along with a mid-year review. Duties and responsibilities include to bring to the attention of the CFO and Board, current and emerging ESG matters that may affect the business, operations, performance or public image of the company and to make recommendations on how the company’s policies, practices and disclosures can adjust or address current trends. This will include reporting on progress against our targets and the selected UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) based on “what matters most” and where we can achieve the biggest gains.

In 2019 we appointed Sustainable Advantage, a leading ESG consultancy,to guide us along this journey. This Impact report covering the year to 31 December 2019 is our first annual Impact Report.

The goal of the report is to showcase where we are today, the actions undertaken and also where we are  headed. The document is shared with staff, clients and prospective clients alike. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. Many of these are blue-chip organisations who have pledged to do all they can to halt the negative effects of climate change. Some have gone as far as setting Science Based Targets to ensure they are not contributing to global warming. A key element of this is the efforts of their supply chain.

Our commitment is to be able to provide these clients with our carbon data to feed into our plans and too reassure them that Ipsum Utilities and their employees are right behind them as responsible partners.

We have selected 5 UN Sustainable Development Goals to work towards. We aspire to use our position in society to be a force for good, helping to create better outcomes for million of people every day by contributing to the delivery of the UN’s Development Goals.