Substation Maintenance

Ipsum provides coverage for national substation maintenance and repairs, commissioning teams of highly experienced engineers and fitters to maintain your assets year upon year.
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Why do you need substation maintenance?

Once a Substation is installed, privately owned High Voltage equipment and networks must be periodically maintained in accordance with duties and obligations under the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations.

It is a legal requirement to safeguard the high voltage networks which are to be serviced and maintained to a satisfactory standard. Owners must ensure that their network’s condition allows it to operate safely in regular operation and to “fail safe” under fault conditions.

Regular maintenance of your substation will help to prevent equipment failure that can result in loss of power supply to your facility as well as prolonging the service life of your HV/LV assets.

What does substation maintenance include?

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Under the terms of the COMA agreement we will carry out the following:

  • We will act in the role of Senior Authorised Person if your site/facility does not have a HV engineer or authorised person
  • We will carry out switching operations and completion of Circuit State Certification
  • We will carry out regular scheduled inspections which includes:

Building condition assessments

Substation security

Visual inspections on all items of the private plant

Earthing inspection

Oil and compound leaks

Partial discharge monitoring to check for incipient equipment faults

Oil condition monitoring (which includes dissolved gas analysis and PCB content).

Our Priority

Ipsum’ priority is the safety of our teams in the field. We practice safe working conditions to eliminate any risk of incidents or injuries at all times maintaining operational and safety requirements.

Emergency Support

We can also provide emergency support with reactive maintenance teams readily available to help restore power supplies, trace and rectify cable and equipment failures and even provide replacement HV/LV equipment using our vast database of HV/LV equipment held in various locations throughout the UK, including our own depot.

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