Planned Maintenance Programmes

A planned maintenance programme (PMP) is the most logical and cost effective way of maintaining the resiliency and efficiency of your network. Regular inspections coupled by Ipsum’s digital asset management technology allows you to identify faulty assets quickly, with the ability to make informed remedial decisions based on comprehensive asset intelligence.

We strive to deliver a proactive, customer-focused response to any issues detected during asset inspections. Additionally, we escalate and schedule any significant maintenance tasks that cannot be handled during routine maintenance.

Don’t leave your network vulnerable when Ipsum are on-hand to support you.

Ipsum provides integrated LV, HV and EHV infrastructure maintenance to over 2,500 national customers, with an average yearly growth rate of 200+ new sites.

We offer two types of contract … The first is an ‘operate and maintain’ contract which focusses on sites without and HV Authorised Person. The second from of contract is entirely maintenance-based, with customer sites often having its own HV Authorised Person. Both contracts include annual visual inspections and a 24/7/365 reactive response to faults and emergency asset defects.

Our specialist engineers collect oil samples from critical assets (Transformers and Switchgears) and issue sample certificates for both the routine and dissolved gas conditions. If no PCB records are available, Furans testing will be performed as a standard procedure.

Our expertise and support in the field of Substation Measured Term PPM will undoubtedly extend the life of any installed Substation, resulting in significant savings in downtime and repair costs for our customers. By conducting PPM at regular intervals, Ipsum is able to identify potential problems and mitigate the increased risk of plant failure, which results in unanticipated losses for our clients.

Key features of our LV, HV & EHV infrastructure maintenance:

  • Responsive, high-quality services, compliant with industry best practice standards.
  • End-to-end maintenance for asset voltages ranging from 11kV up to 132kV.
  • Cross-sector expertise reputable safety-focussed delivery.

From asset inspection, cleansing and de-ragging, to jetting, vacuumation and component replacement, our Water Division have the ability to deliver complete end-to-end maintenance of your critical wastewater networks.

Ipsum operates a modern vehicle fleet that is cable of cleaning sewers, drainage systems, outfalls and culverts with pipe diameters ranging from 50mm to 3,000mm. Within our vast fleet we have: Recyclers, Jetvacs, Cityflex and responsive Van-Packs. Our machines can process both wet and dry waste thanks to an innovative on-board filter bag system.

Our Tankers work in conjunction with our Disab Units to clean huge tanks and pipelines. Our recycling fleet boosts productivity and benefits the environment by recycling liquids in the pipe used for jetting, reducing waste to the landfill, and reducing our carbon footprint via reduced site travel.

Key features of our wastewater infrastructure maintenance:

  • High quality Tank Cleansing from over 250 metres distance.
  • Tankers capable of carrying up to 4,000 gallons of waste.
  • Wet and dry waste lift capacity of more than 50 metres.

you asked, we answered

Yes. Ipsum will work with you to safeguard the longevity of your aging network. From specialist consultancy to digital asset surveys and reporting, we support your decision making process to ensure your infrastructure remains efficient and affordable.

Yes. Ipsum work in partnership with our customers across both regulated and non-regulated environments to optimise asset performance, supporting the security, resiliency and longevity of their critical networks.

Ipsum takes pride in its adaptability. If you require a service, we will customise your package to your specifications. It is recommended that you consult with one of our specialist representatives to determine the most appropriate package for your needs.

We provide Low Voltage (LV) services up to 11KV, High Voltage (HV) services up to 32KV, and Extra High Voltage (EHV) services up to 132KV, with our specialist engineers authorised to operate across public / regulated and private distribution networks.

Yes. We have remote teams operating throughout the UK, ensuring we can respond quickly to your planned and reactive maintenance needs. Kindly inquire for additional information.

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