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We understand that when a repair is required or an emergency occurs, you need your business back in operation as soon as possible and safely. This is why Ipsum acts as a one-stop shop for all your requirements, ensuring that they are met as quickly as possible. Learn more about our services in the sections below.

Aging assets are a constant source of contention in our industry, and they may eventually need to be replaced.

Ipsum’s specialist service provisions are designed with our your assets, estate and location in mind. With over 500 safety-driven employees operating from 21 UK regional hubs, we optimise operational performance and field-level productivity via integrated helpdesk support and digital workforce management systems. Rest assured, your network is in safe hands.

Our Power division offer a range of LV, HV and EHV infrastructure support services. From Switchgear Upgrades, Transformer Replacements and Network Diversions, to Substation Refurbishments and Overhead Line support, our engineers are always on-hand to keep your network connected.

Don’t let your wastewater network deteriorate. Capitalise on Ipsum’s in-house expertise to keep your critical assets and properties running. Our range of specialist vehicles offer High Pressure Water Jetting and Vacuumation services, ensuring your sewers and drains remain clear. Our Water division also provide Pipeline CIPP Lining, Drainage Rehabilitation, Tanks Emptying and specialist Waste Removal.

When things need fixed, we do it quickly, and when you need us, we will be there. Our complete list of services is available in our brochure. Contact us today to discuss the best course of action for your business.

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Aging assets are an ever-present challenge in our industry. Ipsum has the experience, know-how and in-house expertise to enhance the longevity and efficiency of your network.

Emergency Repairs are an unavoidable challenge. Unexpected events such as severe weather or asset defects can occur at any time. Ipsum is here to assist you in determining the safest, quickest and most cost effective resolution.

Multiple faults on high and low voltage distribution networks or wastewater infrastructures can occur during periods of high winds or heavy snow and ice, affecting customer supplies. We provide critical resources to our customers during these difficult times, including Senior Authorised Persons, experienced Overhead Line teams (4×4 Pole Lorries, MEWPS and Tracked Excavators), and Drainage Teams equipped with specialist High Pressure Water Jetting and Vacuumation vehicles.

Our Power Division can aid in locating these asset faults, as well as connecting temporary generation to maintain network supply continuity. We provide turnkey substation supply and installations services for voltages up to 66kV, ensuring any flaws are addressed.

In addition to deploying our specialist Drainage teams during flooding events, Ipsum’s Water division offer a range of infrastructure maintenance activities, including: Site Clearance, Vegetation Management, Grounds Maintenance, Winter Gritting & Snow Clearance.

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Yes. Ipsum will work with you to safeguard the longevity of your aging network. From specialist consultancy to digital asset surveys and reporting, we support your decision making process to ensure your infrastructure remains efficient and affordable.

Yes. Ipsum is a 24/7 business, with our engineers working around the clock to keep your business operational 365 days a year. When you need us, we will be there.

Yes. Ipsum work in partnership with our customers across both regulated and non-regulated environments to optimise asset performance, supporting the security, resiliency and longevity of their critical networks.

We provide Low Voltage (LV) services up to 11KV, High Voltage (HV) services up to 32KV, and Extra High Voltage (EHV) services up to 132KV, with our specialist engineers authorised to operate across public / regulated and private distribution networks.

Yes. We have remote teams operating throughout the UK, ensuring we can respond quickly to your planned and reactive maintenance needs. Kindly inquire for additional information.

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