Asset Replacement, Upgrade & Expansion

Obsolescence of your critical assets is unavoidable, but Ipsum’s customer-service focussed team can help you on your journey to network optimisation and resiliency.

With decades of experience in asset upgrade and network expansion, our deep-rooted consultancy and project management expertise will provide you with the reassurance that your infrastructure is designed for the future.


Infrastructure on networks does not last forever and must be replaced on a programmed basis for health, environmental or capacity reasons. 

From initial design conception to network installation and aftercare, Ipsum’s asset life-cycle management capabilities are tailored with your infrastructure requirements and budget plans in mind.


In addition to Overhead Line infrastructure upgrades, Ipsum has the capability to manage replacement programmes for a diverse range of assets, including: Circuit Breakers Renewals, Switchgear and Distribution Board Upgrades, Substation Refurbishments, Transformer Replacements, as well as key component installs such as Cabling, Relays, Enclosures, Switches and Conduit.

As an established ICP (Independent Connection Provider) accredited under NERS (National Electricity Registration Scheme), Ipsum are certified to deliver the following integrated services:

  • Electrical Design of Distribution Networks – LV Cable Networks and Substations
  • Overhead Line Wooden Pole – LV, 11kV and 33kV
  • Network Connections – Operational, LV and 11kV
  • Jointing – LV Dead, LV Live, 11kV and 33kV
  • Cable Laying – LV, 11KV, 33KV and 132kV
  • Substation Installation – 20kV, 33kV, 66kV & 132kV
  • Network Connections & Jointing – 11kV Mains, 11kV Terminations, Unmetered LV Mains & Services, and LV Terminations
  • Associated civils and reinstatement works

We Adapt a ‘no build’ solutions

Replacing your assets to keep them efficient is sometimes the best and only choice.


Complex operational decisions based on human judgement and institutional knowledge are made across the water sector every day, leaving systems and networks vulnerable to weather events, process changes, equipment failures and reduced resource levels.

At Ipsum we enhance your network resiliency and longevity through asset lifecycle whole-life efficiency, combining technical consultancy with specialist asset inspection and survey techniques, providing you with the data you need to support your asset replacement strategy ahead of annual capex and opex budget setting.

Ipsum’s in-house technical expertise and digital asset management solutions are designed to maximise output from existing networks whilst reducing carbon footprints and water consumption.

Our teams work with you to align your network developments with business objectives and statutory requirements, combining our conventional engineering solutions and unrivalled sector technology to adopt a ‘systems thinking’ approach to your asset replacement proposals.

Victorian Sewer

Aging assets are a constant challenge in our industry.

Power and Water consumption patterns are rapidly changing as a result of population growth, regulatory changes, rising energy prices, and climate change. In response to these challenges, the national strategy for Power and Water supply management is evolving.

Government and industry regulators are tasked with the responsibility of reducing waste and conserving an increasingly scarce resource, while also protecting consumers from rising utility rates. As a result, our customers are increasingly in need of expansion and/or upgrade of their critical networks.

At Ipsum, we provide a complete turnkey network expansion and upgrade services. We provide bespoke consultancy on the most effective ways to expand and upgrade in order to maximise asset efficiency while staying on schedule and within budget. We provide decision-making support not only for your physical growth, but also for everything from design to completion and subsequent maintenance.

We are not a one-off project provider; we are a specialist support provider for thousands of customers throughout the United Kingdom. We utilise our unique in-house digital technology offering to ensure a seamless transition into and subsequent to a growing network.

you asked, we answered

Yes. Ipsum provides specialist Power and Water network services, as well as integrated support solutions such as vegetation management. With national coverage capability, we’re always on hand to offer you a one-stop-shop for all your utility requirements.

Whether upgrading an existing network or managing a life-cycle project, Ipsum has expertise across the entire spectrum of the Power and Water Distribution Networks. We provide turnkey solutions, from evaluating, planning and designing, to implementing, and managing asset improvement solutions, as well as streamlining network asset management and safety processes. Our in-house project team and senior authorised employees deliver and manage projects ranging from customer-driven requests to large undergrounding schemes and complex asset replacement programmes.

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. It is a fundamental value of ours. We operate in accordance with our ‘Ipsum Way of Service’, which outlines how we do business. When you choose us, we commit to operating in accordance with our Ipsum Way guiding principles and to communicating with you on a regular basis to ensure these guiding principles are being followed. Every job, every day, we go above and beyond for our customers.

Ipsum’s innovative digital technology provides accurate asset / site data quickly and safely, even within unsafe above and below ground environments. We also offer Thermal Heat Mapping capability. We set GIS Flight Plans for multiple image overlays. These can spot infrastructure defects, changes and failures without deploying multiple operatives to site, and gives early warning of dangerous or critical assets. This supports our customers to excel in their capex and opex decision-making process.

At Ipsum we are fully committed to reducing carbon emissions and strive to implement green efficiencies across all areas of our business. Our green value engineering is nurtured by innovative thinking and smarter ways of working where we collaborate with our customers to introduce joint reduction targets within our sustainable solutions. Our consistent year-on-year environmental and sustainability commitment means we are on a clear route to becoming carbon neutral.

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