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Asset Information

As a forward-thinking provider of specialist utility and infrastructure support services, Ipsum’s digital solutions can help you accelerate network efficiency and resilience via intelligent asset data.

Ipsum.Live is our innovative platform unrivalled in the utilities sector, with digitally assisted tools designed to enhance budget control across your network maintenance, expansion and replacement programmes.

Identifying and embracing new and smarter ways of working is a routine process for us at Ipsum, where we work with you to evaluate your expenditure plans and infrastructure objectives to determine where technology can be implemented to drive network outperformance.

Digital technology

We offer the latest bespoke, in-house technology to give us insight prior to replacements.

We are heading towards the future.

Unlike our key competitors in the utility service provider industry, we optimise traditional infrastructure maintenance activities with innovative digital asset management solutions, allowing us to enhance asset longevity through purpose-built tools and systems.

These solutions are actively utilised by leading UK water companies such as United Utilities and Severn Trent Water, where our tailored solutions have been adopted to drive a ‘systems thinking’ approach to the management of their large regional networks.

Asset Tagging

Using our DIgital In-House technology to give us data driven insights into what your next step should be.

AIMS (Asset Inventory Management System):

AIMS is a cloud-based data management system designed to store comprehensive and accurate asset survey, inspection, and condition data. The secure online system has the ability to be vetted in line with your business information security policies, with access permissions assigned only to approved users.

AIMS provides multiple benefits in how we utilise asset information:

Asset Data Accuracy and Visibility

Ipsum’s AIMS digital asset management system implements a single source of the truth for all specific asset data, eliminating inaccurate legacy information and the need for paper copies. Updates to asset data can then be uploaded via an integrated Data Capture App (usable from multiple smart/mobile devices), providing real-time updates of asset reports, visible to multiple users (field and back-office), through an interactive dashboard function.

Cost Efficiency & Productivity

The introduction of Ipsum’s AIMS asset management system will support the planning and delivery of all our service support activities. With accurate asset data readily available to field users and back-office functions, this will mitigate the risk of maintenance schedule delays caused by missing information, instructions, or approval/permit information, thus reducing the number of abortive visits.

AIMS also has the ability to flag asset condition reports in real-time. Should an operative identify an issue when conducting routine maintenance activities, this can be recorded via our Data Capture App alongside recommended remedial actions, with notification, sent immediately. This real-time data share enhances decision making, accelerating the approval of asset emergency repair or replacement actions, maintaining infrastructure resilience and uptime.

Improved Operational Performance

Ipsum’s AIMS digital asset management system can also be integrated with our maintenance planning and scheduling activities. By holding real-time asset data, our teams will be able to identify areas of concern and build this into upcoming maintenance programmes, minimising extended downtime for any critical assets, whilst optimising visit productivity to individual sites. This information will contribute to the achievement of service KPI’s for both your business and Ipsum, where we are able to respond quickly to emergency situations by using real-time asset intelligence, thus improving customer service levels for site stakeholders.

Health & Safety Augmentation

AIMS has the ability to hold asset-specific health & safety information, including Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Permit to Work requirements. This will provide our operatives with accurate, up-to-date instructions which will enable them to carry out their maintenance activities safely in compliance with Ipsum and your business.

Ipsum’s AIMS and Smart Asset Tag concept is designed to integrate two of our current market-leading products to offer a streamlined end-to-end user experience for both site operatives and end-users/owners. These include:

Smart Data Tags:

Ipsum’s Smart Data Tags are designed to attach to a host of different assets and are available in multiple formats to accommodate a wide asset base; from simple stick-on labels to patented Inspection Marker Devices. All Smart Tags work on a common management platform and are both QR Code and NFC-Enabled to ensure they can be read by any mobile or smart device.

you asked, we answered

No. We do not outsource any of our digital solutions. We manufacture everything in-house, from our drones to our asset management systems. This enables us to work seamlessly with our digital technology to ensure a smooth transition of works for our core service offerings; Power, Water, and Infrastructure.

Yes. We can upload all historical data that is frequently discovered as paper copies for some of our customers. This ensures that all data is stored in a single location and that access levels can be customised for each user. Additionally, it complies with your business’s green initiatives by reducing paper usage.

Yes. AIMS is mobile-friendly, making it ideal for members whose roles do not require them to be seated at a desk all day. Additionally, the information is updated in real-time.

Severn Trent and United Utilities are two of our largest customers. Both of these customers have seen a significant impact as a result of implementing AIMS. However, our digital technology is not limited to customers who use our Water services,; we use it to support all of our services.

Please visit our Asset Inspection & Analysis page to learn more about how we can assist you in gathering the data necessary to run your business more efficiently. Here, we cover virtually every aspect of digital technology, including 3D twin technology, drone capability, thermal heat mapping, and a variety of other services. However, for a comprehensive understanding of our digital technology, please contact a member of our team via our contact us page.

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