Asset Inspection and Analysis

For decades, Ipsum has provided quality Asset Inspection and Analysis services to our national customer-base. However, in recent years we have recognised and embraced the evolution of new technologies, digitalising our solutions to drive cost certainty and data accuracy through a ‘systems thinking’ approach.

Ipsum has created Ipsum.Live, an innovative platform unrivalled in the utilities sector. Ipsum.Live has a variety of digitally assisted tools to support smart Asset Inspections and Analysis:

Drone Technology: Identify asset inefficiencies instantly via intelligent Aerial Surveys with Thermal Imaging capability. This cost-effective inspection methodology is safer whilst capturing comprehensive asset data quickly, all of which supports your network development strategy and opex budget planning.

3D Laser Scanning: Create immersive Digital Twins of your sites, assets and properties easily, reducing the need of deploying multiple survey teams to unsafe environments or structures.

Sewer Viewer: Digitally map your wastewater network on a secure virtual platform. Using the latest Atex-approved CCTV technology, Ipsum’s qualified engineers conduct comprehensive pipeline surveys, with interactive inspection data automatically transferred to our Sewer Viewer database. Sewer Viewer’s agnostic, end-to-end capabilities provide access to historic survey data, optimises quality control and workload management, as well as accelerate pipeline remedial works through GIS location tracking and repair progress updates.

Asset Tagging: Enhance your asset-base knowledge and control with Ipsum’s Smart Tag capabilities. We offer a variety of Asset Tag formats, allowing us to accommodate a diverse asset-base, including: barcodes, QR codes, RFD and integrated virtual tagging within asset drawings. We have also designed a patented Lock, a manhole cover lock with an integrated RFD tag that prevents unauthorised access to a chamber, and enables permitted users to scan the tag and retrieve data about that specific asset, such as access hazards or localised client findings.

Drone technology

We offer the latest bespoke, in-house drone technology.

Ipsums Sewer Viewer

"Never lose Data"

Improve organisational productivity, data accuracy and resource planning through automation and workflow standardisation. Upload, analyse, prioritize and take action on visual inspection programme data from a single source.

Ipsum’s Asset Inventory Management System (AIMS) takes asset management to the next level. Designed by our in-house technical experts, AIMS is capable of holding comprehensive asset survey, inspection and condition data on a secure, virtual environment.

Routine asset inspections can be captured by field crews using our integrated mobile application, accessible via any smartphone or tablet device. Data is automatically uploaded to AIMS, providing a holistic overview of our customer critical assets and networks.

Our intelligent maintenance frequency algorithms optimise resource deployment, drive productivity gains, and provide increased levels of Opex cost certainty.

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Ipsum.Live enables our customers to adopt a proactive network management approach. Our customers are able to predict asset deterioration in advance through the use of smart systems insights. Additionally, this insight enables our customers to make prudent decisions prior to major asset replacements, allowing them time to determine the best outcome. Additionally, it can identify inefficient assets before additional money is lost, allowing businesses to maximise their budgets.

  • Network Intelligence – Digitally map your pipeline infrastructure.
  • Project Tracking – Real-time visibility of network inspection and repair progress.
  • Data Screening – Validate network condition data quickly.
  • Online Analysis – Cost certainty via accurate data and quality assurance.

Yes. We conduct leverage drone-based inspections of Transmission and Distribution lines to cover large geographical areas, utilising computer vision AI to flag assets requiring electrician review, improving team productivity and accuracy.

No. An immersive 3D Digital Twin can be generated from the survey data to explore complex assets without needing to travel to site, thus reducing travel times, fuel costs and aborted visits, whilst enhancing SHEQ compliance assurance.

Ipsum’s innovative Drone technology provides accurate asset data quickly and safely, even within unsafe above and below ground environments. We also offer Thermal Heat Mapping capability. We set GIS Flight Plans for multiple image overlays. These can spot infrastructure defects, changes and failures without deploying multiple operatives to site, and gives early warning of dangerous or critical assets. This supports our customers to excel in their Capex / Opex decision-making process.

Our 3D LiDAR Laser Scan technology can record 150m with ±1mm accuracy, and measures 976,000 Data Points per second, resulting in highly accurate data.

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