Ipsum’s Joined The Club!


The 5% Club

Ipsum's Commitment to investing in the future.

Ipsum is proud to announce that we have joined the 5% Club!

The 5% Club is a dynamic movement of employer-members working to create a shared prosperity across the UK by driving ‘earn and learn’ skills training opportunities. Embedding ‘earn and learn’ in our business helps future proof the economic prospects of all, including our business and our ability to provide employment.


The 5% Club is the kite mark of responsible high-quality employers to our employees and our customers. 

Ipsum’s aim is to have 10% of our workforce in technical ‘earn and learn’ positions within the next two years.

This goal does not include our graduates, employees undertaking sponsored training programmes and our employees in non-technical positions on ‘earn and learn’ programmes; all of these together will increase our overall percentage beyond 10% by the end of 2023.

Ipsum currently has 5.3% of its workforce enrolled on an apprenticeship programme, higher than the national average for employers of our size which is below 1% according to HMRC’s 2019 employer skills survey. Ours is a Company that is driven by a desire to continuously advance itself and our people.

We recognise that exceptional individuals are our future. We have excellent relationships with training providers that offer apprenticeship programmes tailored to our industry that provide our apprentices with the best possible foundation for learning about their field and acquiring the skills necessary for career progression in Ipsum. All of our apprentices are encouraged to develop and progress and they are supported at every stage.

Our employees breathe and live our values. Managers, mentors, and colleagues work with our apprentices and serve as an invaluable source of knowledge and a pillar of support as they learn the role.

If you want to contribute to our success, find a job for life in an evergreen industry, and work for a Company that genuinely cares about your potential, visit our Careers page to discover our latest apprenticeships.